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Welcoming Dean and Luna Guitars to the Rusty’s family!

John CampiComment

It is with great pleasure that we announce our new partnerships with both Dean and Luna guitars. Both brands fully embody Rusty’s commitment to connecting musicians to instruments that aid and inspire their unique musical journey. With time-tested commitments to the utmost quality standards, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Maintaining our commitment to the future, Rusty’s is proud to be the exclusive, online-only, distributor of both brands.

Dean Guitars

Tampa, Florida

Bringing style and excitement to Rusty’s!

As a company with 40 years in the business, known primarily for their adventurous designs, Dean Guitars brings a unique artistic edge to Rusty’s collection. Dean is a guitar players' company, combining product integrity with Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude.

Priding itself on a commitment to artistry, Dean Guitars boasts a knowledgeable staff of actively touring musicians who not only make and sell the product, but also take it on the road for gigs. This opportunity provides the Dean staff rare insight into its own instruments, the results of which are vividly manifested in their exciting and ever-improving line of products.

Born in the U.S.A., Dean Guitars embodies “Made in America” from the top down with even the pickups of their mid to high end products being hand wound at Dean HQ.

A message from CEO Elliot “Dean” Rubinson:

Dean Guitars CEO Elliott Dean Rubinson gives a very in-depth look at Dean Guitars HQ in 2011. This is a really cool behind the scenes video and a rare look at the inner workings of one of the world's best guitar brands.

Fun Fact: Like Rusty’s, Dean artist Eric Bass (Shinedown) hails from Charleston, SC. He now owns, and operates a studio on James Island, SC called Ocean Industries.

Luna Guitars

Tampa, Florida

Good vibes, great prices, & cool guitars

Arriving at Luna’s website you’re greeted by a sandy beach and an invitation to “Join Our Tribe…” after perusing their line of beautiful, naturally stylized guitars, basses, and ukuleles you feel like you already have. There is something strikingly comforting about this brand. For Rusty’s, we are drawn back to our Hawaiian summers, ukulele love songs, and mom’s hula dance.

Luna’s mission, much like Rusty’s, aims to connect artists with instruments that aid in creative growth and expression. The organic beauty and reasonable prices of Luna’s line provide both a comfort and accessibility perfect for beginning players and veterans alike.

Founder Yvonne de Villiers found inspiration for her unique line of comfortable guitars in her mother, a bass player of more than 40 years. Villiers noted the obstacles of both size and weight encountered by her mother when strapping on her bass guitar. Luna’s products extend a comfortable playing experience to all ages and genders.

As an accomplished stained glass artist, Yvonne de Villiers maintains an affinity for pleasing aesthetic design. Many of Luna’s instruments contain distinctive inlays that depict the phases of the moon (one of our favorite features).

That’s all the news for now… Take a moment to peruse new additions from Dean and Luna, as well as all of our fantastic brands, and make sure to check back soon. We’re growing!