You have taken up a new hobby…great! Welcome to the music industry! Everyone here is happy to have another artist join the fam. Everyone also has loads of advice to offer you. We have narrowed it down to the best, just for you.

1. Play With Fellow Musicians as Often as Possible- New and Old

Having this experience in your memory jar is something that is irreplaceable. You not only learn how different musicians create their unique mark in the industry, you learn how YOU want to make your mark simultaneously. Be patient with each musician you sit down with to get the most out of that experience- whether that is watching them learn new things or listening to them tell you old things. Each genre of music is different, each instrument is different and as we have learned in life in general- each person has their own perspective of the world and how it should sound.
Find your unique rhythm with other musicians and take in theirs while you are at it.

2. Listen to Different Genres of Music- Not Just Your Own

Ok, you like heavy metal… your focus would be on practicing power chords and rhythm/riff playing. Your music buddy is only into classical music… his focus is on expression and technique from a different (classical) perspective. Imagine how you could really ignite the heavy metal creativity flowing if you took some of your buddy’s technique and applied it. Different angles give you different perspective and different perspective gives you a bigger platform. A bigger platform gives you more room to move freely and creatively. It only goes up from there.

3. Get The Right Accessories/Gear

You aren’t going to have the best experience snowboarding on a mountain if your boots don’t fit, your googles aren’t tight, your gloves have holes or your jacket is too small? It is no different for this new venture. Get yourself the right tools, so your focus can be on the music you are creating, not the discomfort of your guitar strap (we like Jodihead straps by the way).

Here are a few other things you will need:
• guitar picks (we can give you a couple to get started- come on by)
• guitar strings (we recommend Elixirs for acoustic and Ernie Ball for electric)
• guitar chords for electric players
• capos for the neck of the guitar to play in a different key
• tuners (we love Snark Super Tight)
• amp for electric players (we recommend looking at our shop for these of course)

Take our advice or leave it here where you found it- either way we are here as a resource for you at any time if you are just starting out or getting back into the music world. Stop on by and let us know what we can do for you.

Rock on.