Rusty’s maintains a commitment to humanity, integrity, and customer service.

We tread delicately through life, navigating the unknown and unexpected, with each experience contributing to our unique human existence. Our convictions drive us forward, while our memories serve as a vehicle that can transport ourselves, and others, across time and great distances. As our stories grow we naturally seek out tools that will allow us to transpose ourselves into new mediums. Music can embody our experiences, highlight our expressions, and translate our unique existence into a common language.

Combining tradition and innovation both in product and practice, Rusty’s maintains a commitment to humanity, integrity, and customer service while our platforms utilize modern tools that streamline our business and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our products reflect our commitment to merging the past and present: offering both new and vintage instruments, our services connect modern efficiency and personal care. Let’s build one more bridge together; between you and instrument you’ve been looking for!


The journey began on the dropped tailgate of a station wagon in Hawaii, strumming love songs to complement the swaying elegance of Mom’s Hula dance. With the six strings of a guitar too complex for youthful hands, the ukulele served as the medium. Sunset and sunrise, high and low tide, this humble song and dance spanned simplicity and sophistication, shaping youth, and igniting passions.

The years passed but the affinity towards stringed instruments never faded. By this time the scene of the story is back on the mainland, in the vibrant scene in Marin County, California. It was the 60’s. This was (and for many still is) the place to be. Free concerts from Janis, run-in’s with Jerry, grassroots jams with Boz Scaggs, colors, cartwheels, and occasional nudity… it was the 60’s. The warmth and vibes first experienced on that tailgate in Hawaii roared on, carried gently by the music.

When these effervescent days began to drift away, a leap into Corporate America was inevitable. While a far cry from Marin, the lessons learned in responsibility, efficiency, ethics, and structure formed the backbone for business standards which have been applied to Rusty’s. The Medical Supply boom brought the story to Charleston, South Carolina. Success in medical sales afforded the resources needed to complete the cyclical journey. The idea arrived: merge the two worlds; uniting business experience with the vibrancy of youth. Rusty’s guarantees unwavering service and customer support rooted firmly in the same passionate artistry and optimism that entranced us from Hawaii to California. We have come along way but we’ve only just begun!


Rusty is a rescue dog from the mean streets of Manhattan. At age 15 Rusty was dropped at a New York animal shelter and was quickly slated to be euthanized. Word of Rusty’s predicament was passed on to us by a friend in the area and within days a call had been placed to a no kill shelter in Albany and a plane was chartered for his retrieval.

18 months later Rusty is still going strong. He wears his age proudly, like a vintage koa Les Paul, reflecting the strength and wisdom of days gone by. Despite missing a few teeth he has made back to back appearances on an annual fireman’s calendar.

He is an icon, enriching our lives, and the lives of everyone he meets. Rusty’s second chance in Charleston directly represents the second phase of our lives we have entered into with this business. Lending his name to our brand ensures that his legacy will live on even as his life inevitably winds down. A fitting tribute for a true survivor.

Pet’s can provide a profound impact on all of our unique journeys. Here at Rusty’s our passions extend beyond guitars. We are committed donors to local shelters and fervent activists for animal rescue awareness.

Adopt An Animal

“Exceptionally smooth transaction. Guitar is in mint condition, exactly as described. Great instrument, and great deal. The guitar was shipped with t-shirt, tuner and strings and all arrived nicely packed within days of finalizing the order.”

Kyle M.

“Absolutely great seller!! Totally up-front, informative, and great communication. The guitar was exactly as described, and all of the Rusty’s swag (shirt, picks, strings, etc) was an excellent touch too – they even threw in a Snark tuner! I would definitely purchase from Rusty’s again! Thanks again for the awesome deal on an awesome guitar!!”

Robert A.

“My best buying experience ever on Reverb! Guitar is perfect!”

Bosen L.

“Honest and fast transactions. This is true customer service. Great communication. Pleasure to do business with.”

Christopher E.

“Rusty’s has to rate as the best seller I have ever dealt with in 15+ years of international buying. This seller has done way more above and beyond what anyone could ever expect of any seller to facilitate a smooth, uneventful and pleasurable transaction. I applaud his devotion and detail to his customer service. It was a pure pleasure doing business with him. I have no problem in recommending Rusty’s Cool Guitars to anyone.”

Gareth A.

Great to deal with this seller. Quick processing and took extra care in packaging the beautiful guitar inside. Thanks so much for my awesome guitar!”


Beka H.


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