In just a few weeks, you will be asked the famous question ” and what are you thankful for …” at the Thanksgiving table. Anyone who is reading Rusty’s Cool Guitars’ blog is a HUGE music fan, so we thought we would give you the scientific backup you need to be able to answer “music” this year.

1. It helps you get the sleep you need

Turn on some classical music tonight and tell us it doesn’t soothe you faster than playing “Making a Murderer” episodes as you doze off. With the increase in documentary’s available, we are all sitting up watching forensic files as we are also telling our bodies that it is safe to drift off into dreamland. Confusing much? Encourage your dreams to be peaceful tonight…

2. You can actually de-stress with a musical moment

Research has found that taking a little breather and listening to music can relieve stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers. These little buddies help us calm down those “fight or flight” reactions during stress and help you think clearly. Thinking clearly leads to better decision making and better decision making helps you not stress as much. Ta-da!

3. Depressing thoughts have a hard time getting in when the music is on in your head.

Now, we are not saying that you can skip the therapist entirely with just an Aerosmith track. On your way to your session (or to your mother-in-law’s gathering) you can make a difference in your mood with a good playlist however. The music doesn’t have to stop when you get out of the car… it is always available as a little hum in your head too! It is hard for negative thoughts to make their way in when you are humming your favorite tune.

4. Concentration hard for you? We have a solution!

Background music is used by surgeons, famous artists and athletes to enhance performance on cognitive tasks – why not for your day job or studying for your next final at school too? There are playlists galore for concentration and studying- give them a try and see which one works for you.

5. Recover faster and with less pain

Whether you are recovering from a health issue, emotional trauma, or reading political posts on Facebook- music can help cut down the time you need to move forward. Researchers have found that medical patients who listened to music improved faster and had a more positive mood compared to patients who didn’t listen to music or who listened to audio books. Music can also significantly reduce the perceived intensity of your pain, especially in geriatric care, intensive care, or palliative medicine. Mind over matter baby….

Ok we may have not got as scientific as we could have, but I think these reasons will suffice when you list your guitar as the reason you are thankful year. If you don’t have a guitar to be thankful for, get to shopping at Rusty’s Cool Guitars.