aybe you received it as a gift, maybe you went to the store with the image of your childhood rock ‘n’ roll hero fueling your decision, maybe a family member handed down their once trusted instrument. Regardless of how you came to acquire your first guitar, the moment will likely stay with you forever. The first strum, the first time you threw the strap over your shoulder and stood proudly in front of your bedroom mirror, imagining the roar of the crowd as the lights drop, and you take the stage.

This optimism, enthusiasm, and energy are what fuel the musician’s experience, and at Rusty’s, it has never waned. We’ve have felt close to our idols as we mastered their iconic riffs, and felt the frustration of failing to achieve their flawless emulation. It is this experience that serves as the foundation of Rusty’s Cool Guitars.

There is a spirit of camaraderie that exists within the music community, no matter what town you live in; those with the same interests exist. We have been privileged to experience this in our own community, in Charleston, South Carolina. As a city, southern roots run deep, but as a destination, the influence of travelers and transplants alike has cultivated a diverse collection of styles, and we find inspiration in each and every one.

Our goal is to incorporate this reverence to not only the instrument, but to the culture it catalyzes by connecting new players with an instrument that speaks directly to them. While we offer many high-end, boutique guitars, we never aim to alienate the next generation of musicians, whose influence, in our opinion, speaks to cosmic lengths that us wearied players must now strain to recall. Selecting your first guitar is almost religious, a baptism into a vibrant culture of support and creativity. Welcome to the family!

“I find that musically, looking back, I have learned much more from those relationships, people I have bumped into that I have admired, that’s the way I feel musically I have learned most in life.” – John Williams

Make your first guitar a Rusty’s Cool Guitar. We’d love to be a part of your story.