Along with several other local businesses here in Charleston, Rusty’s Cool Guitars is in the running for a Best Of Award as “Best Musical Instrument Store.” We wanted to take a second to remind you of your love for us, and while we are at at… express our love for you.

Not many people get the chance to open up a store that brings their dreams to reality, and even if they do there is no guarantee they will make it. Our products reflect our commitment to merging the past and present: offering both new and vintage instruments, our services connect modern efficiency and personal care. We support brands that have a heart, soul, and love for providing instruments to musicians of all walks of life. We choose our vendors very carefully and end up having a very genuine relationship with each one. The work they put into their instruments is unparalleled and that is how we have made it as far as we have. So here is our chance to thank you…

Palir Guitars

RebelRelic Guitars

Heritage Guitars

Santa Cruz Guitars

Rock and Roll Relics Guitars

Luxxtone Guitars

Mikagi Guitars

Takamine Guitars Worldwide

Lowden Guitars

Benson Amps

and Milkman Sound

And now a big THANK YOU to all of our musicians and customers buying things for musicians. We would never have gotten this far if it wasn’t for your support and local business love. We wake up every day and are so grateful for another day as Rusty’s Cool Guitars. Seeing that you are just as big of a fan of us as we are of you, would be quite the honor. We know you are busy, but this voting session ends March 5 and we would be so appreciative of your vote.

Click Here to vote for us (scroll all the way down to “Best Musical Instrument Store”)!