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Swope MG


Featuring Swope’s MG pickup set. These are broadly inspired by the overall California sound of the fifties and sixties. The bridge pickup offers lots of shimmer and spank while the neck pickup has the nice warm sound of a breeze blowing somewhere between the surf and the roadhouse. A simple 3-way switch with master volume and master tone is augmented by a push/pull tone pot. Pull up on that knob and the two pickups are combined in series mode, adding a creamy humbucker to the mix while completely bypassing the 3-way switch.

SANTA CRUZ GUITAR CO. H-13 2017 2 Sunburst


SCGC’s concept for the H-13 is to achieve power beyond what would be expected in a small-bodied guitar. Two fundamental lutherie tricks make this possible: a longer string length (more downward pressure at the saddle) and more air space via a deeper body (increased volume and bass response). To place the bridge in the optimal position for power and maintain the longer string length, the neck needs to join the body at the 13th fret. Cool, huh? This is a gorgeous classic with power and presence expected from a much larger instrument. Perfect for aggressive finger style blues and vocal accompaniment, the H-13 feels really sweet to hold.

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Unique electric guitars for nailing those classic tones found in just about every genre of music.

Produces sound acoustically by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air.

Increase the power and the amplitude of a signal with an amplifier from Milkman. 

Every company needs a name.

Sometimes these monikers arrive effortlessly, other times they evolve from a far more complex series of events.

Rusty is a rescue dog from the mean streets of Manhattan. At age 15 Rusty was dropped at a New York animal shelter and was quickly slated to be euthanized. Word of Rusty’s predicament was passed on to us by a friend in the area and within days a call had been placed to a no kill shelter in Albany and a plane was chartered for his retrieval. He is an icon, enriching our lives, and the lives of everyone he meets. Lending his name to our brand ensures that his legacy will live on even as his life inevitably winds down. A fitting tribute for a true survivor.

Pet’s can provide a profound impact on all of our unique journeys. Here at Rusty’s our passions extend beyond guitars. We are committed donors to local shelters and fervent activists for animal rescue awareness.


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